Due to COVID-19, businesses are re-evaluating their cleaning and safety procedures. This strange time has highlighted where improvements can be made to protect staff and visitors not just from hygiene risks but also from the risk of fires. Duct work fire dampers are an integral fire safety tool that provides a line of defence against the spread of fires in duct work. They are fitted into all heating, ventilation and air conditioning ducts where protection is most needed as the risk of a fire spreading is higher.


Fire dampers are activated by a simple thermal element (a piece of metal that fits between the structure and the shutter blade). When the metal reaches a certain temperature that is high enough to indicate the presence of fire it melts quickly shutting the damper blades. With the damper blades shut down it prevents the fire from reaching other parts of the building allowing people to exit the building safely.Alternatively fire dampers can be activated electronically. Connected to the to the internal fire alarm system and triggered when the sensors detect fire or smoke. When smoke is detected the dampers immediately shut preventing the fire from spreading further.


The revised regulations recommend that all building fire dampers should be drop tested, cleaned and maintained at least annually. Without annual maintenance and annual fire damper testing you can not be sure that they will activate and function fully. 24 seven clean air operatives are BESA trained to carry out tests. We provide photographic time stamped evidence in a report form showing blades open, closed and left open to confirm the safe operational function. As part of our test we ensure that the runners are clear and clean of any debris. In many cases debris is often found preventing the shutter from fully closing and allowing the fire to pass through. Fire damper and drop testing is a legal requirement and an essential service in maintaining building fire safety.


Clean Air 24 Seven part of the 24 Sven Group are one of the UK’s fire most specialist buildings services providing the fire damper drop test, cleaning and maintenance service in accordance with BS 9999:2017. For further information on how we can assist you please contact us on 0203 6408 247 or email us on info@24sevengroup.co.uk


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