Laundry Duct Cleaning

Our laundry duct cleaning service is professionally run by a team of highly trained technicians. We eliminate the fire risks helping your laundry service to function safely.

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TR19 Laundry Duct Cleaning

The 24 Seven technicians use state of the art techniques that allow us to remove the laundry lint effectively. Our aim is to ensure that your duct system exceeds TR19 standards. We support every clean with a detailed report including before and after photos of the entire system. We work closely with different types of customers, from hotels to care homes and industrial launderettes, because of this we know how important it is to provide a 24 seven service, which is well suited for those who require an out of hours clean.

Preventing fires in laundry ducting

According to the regulatory reform fire safety order (2005), building owners, building managers and employers have a legal obligation to prevent any risks of a potential fire within systems throughout the buildings they own or manage.

Laundry fires are commonly caused when the chemicals and oils from the laundered items react with the heat. Lint accumulation found in every dryer is highly combustible, therefore being a major contributor to the start and spread of launderette fires. Regular cleaning is essential to keep fire risks down. Eliminating the lint and ensuring fans are in working order is vital for the system to work effectively, which is why it is recommended that systems be cleaned as a minimum once every year.

Laundry Duct Compliance

For your laundry duct system to remain compliant with laws and legislation, it is required to be cleaned and maintained frequently. Upon completion of a clean you will be sent your own specific report and certification to prove your system meets legal requirements.

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