Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Testing & Auditing

Clean Air 24 Seven have multiple teams and operatives across the UK, we are here to help with any requirements you may have. 24 Seven’s LEV testing provides a detailed report, showing your system is compliant with COSHH legislations.

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Clean Air Law and Legislation Compliance

We will make sure your system is managed to exceed the legislation set by regulating bodies.

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Squat Clearance

We Work With Groups & Independent Businesses

Clean Air 24 Seven help you manage your air ventilation systems, whether you’re a group or an independent business! We are also equipped to deal with various types of buildings.

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Hoarding Clean Up

Impacts LEV’s Can Have On Your Indoor Air Quality

We use specialist equipment to audit your LEV’s! This equipment measures the amount of vapours, gasses and dust. Upon completion of the test we provide a specialist report and certificate.

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    Clean Air 24 Seven LEV Testing & Auditing

    LEV systems require regular testing according to the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health legislation. The Health and Safety Executive states that employers are responsible for ensuring LEV tests are carried out frequently, to protect the health and safety of their employees. COSHH regulations require that you have your LEV tested every 14 months. During the test we look for traces of dust, mist, fume, vapour or gas. Our technicians will advise on the correct procedures and recommendations depending on the results found.
    Clean Air 24 Seven use specialist equipment that detects the amount of hazardous materials and gasses that the LEV collects. Our Clean Air technicians gather the data and provide every customer with a comprehensive report. If your LEV fails the performance test, our experts provide recommendations on how to correct the issue. All LEV systems that pass the test/audit are provided with a certificate to confirm your system complies with insurance conditions.

    What are the legislations and regulations for LEV’s?

    The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health requires LEV systems to be tested regularly and audited every 14 months. Alongside this legislation, insurance companies require LEV’s to be compliant with COSHH Regulation 9 to meet their set conditions.

    Clean Air 24 Seven make your system compliant with these regulations to ensure the performance of your LEV system is working as effectively as it should.

    We Work With Groups And Independent Businesses

    We work for individual and multiple premises as part of a group. Having teams located nationwide allows us to carry out large multiple jobs. We carry out work for a wide range of customers and projects including:

    • Laboratories, Hospitals
    • Schools, Colleges, Universities
    • Office Buildings, Warehouses, Factories
    • Facilities Management Companies
    • M&E Companies
    • And many more!

    Each customer is allocated their own dedicated account handler, we believe one point of contact for all locations makes it easier for our customers and saves them time.

    Impacts LEV’s Can Have On Your Indoor Air Quality

    LEV’s are designed to take away potentially harmful dusts, vapours and gasses from the workplace. If a LEV is not working properly, it could cause some of these harmful substances to escape into the workplace and have effects on your employees. Regular testing is required not only to keep your employees safe from harm, but the employer covered.

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