Indoor air quality can be worse than outdoor air quality due to the lack of ventilation. Due to this it is important to make sure there is an understanding of the serious health impacts poor air quality has, particularly with children and the elderly as they are the most vulnerable.

Numbers collected by clean air London show that 2,270 schools in London are within 400m of roads carrying over 10,000 vehicles a day producing polluted roads. Schools within these polluted areas should equipped and well educated on cause, impacts and solutions to help reduce pollutions and provide a health learning environment.

Schools may be equipped with a filtration ventilation system which filters out the emissions before the air is pushed into the school. The type of filters used in a system will depend upon the level of filtration required.  For dust and particles two filters are typically used along side a finer filter to remove smaller particles.  If filtration of pollutant gases is required a second specialised filter called a gas filter will also be used.  In all cases filters need to be regularly maintained in order to perform effectively.

If ventilation systems are left without proper care or regular maintenance, the build up of dust particles and bacteria in the filters will begin to fail to clean the air passing through, therefore making the whole system inefficient. Not only does cleaning your air ventilation system keep you compliant with laws and legislations. But it can also prevent any illnesses spreading throughout the building and causing sick building syndrome. A well maintained ventilation system means your building is being constantly supplied with clean air, ensuring your school is a clean and pleasant place to learn.

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