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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for the clean air in buildings?

The building manager is responsible for ensuring good quality clean air.

How will I know the ventilation system is safe and clean?

Clean Air 24 Seven provide one of the most industry comprehensive cleaning reports and audits, you will receive multiple pre-and post-photographs combined with a detailed report of the system.

Who regulates the industry?

The industry is regulated by the Building Engineering Services Association who audit Clean Air 24 Seven and ensure we operate to the TR19 standards.

What is BS EN 15780:2011?

BS EN 15780:2011 is the British and European Standard that applies to and specifies the assessment criteria for the cleanliness and cleaning procedures for both new and existing ventilation and air conditioning systems.

What are the benefits of clean air?
  1. Improves Indoor Air Quality
  2. Reduces Running Costs
  3. Reduces Pollution & Promotes Better Health
  4. Maintains Comfortable Temperatures

Clean Air Services

The team at Clean Air 24 Seven are dedicated to providing your building with good quality air. The specialist filters designed to clean the air will inevitably, over time, become blocked and soiled.

Our Clean Air Services cover many areas including:

  • Clean Air Ventilation Auditing
  • Fire Damper Drop Testing
  • LEV Testing & Auditing
  • Air Ventilation System Cleaning
  • Laundry Duct Cleaning

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