Clean Air In Schools

Clean air is important in every building, but mostly so in places of education. Ensuring there is clean air in schools is important for a number of reasons and has a knock on effect to children’s education and learning.

What makes air dirty?

Air that is unclean contains pollutants in it and is unsafe safe to breathe. Air with dirt and chemicals in it is harmful to breathe in and can cause a wide array of health defects and problems.

Why is polluted air bad for children?

Children spend their school days together in classrooms which can often be up to 30 children, children are often sat close next to each other meaning that illness can spread quickly and easily throughout classes. Ensuring that the air in class rooms is clean is a simple way to reduce the spread of sickness. By the time parents realise their children are sick and take them out of school, it’s generally too late – viruses have spread.

Growing children are also more vulnerable to air pollution than adults, with exposure at a young age to pollutants inflaming pre-existing conditions and causing long-term damage.

Prevention and improving air quality in schools

Mechanical Ventilation – ventilation systems are a fantastic way to ensure all air being pushed into the building is purified and clean. These systems do require annual cleaning or auditing to make sure that there is not a build up of harmful particles. Ventilation systems can become contaminated after build up of dust particles prevents the filters from purifying the air, meaning that the air produced is no longer clean.

Natural Ventilation – a simple method of opening up doors and windows helps to draw any virus and particles out of the room via the opening.

Monitor testing for harmful gasses – using a carbon monoxide alarm can help detect if there is any carbon monoxide present in the air. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that has no smell, those that are exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide can die from the effects. Due to the fact carbon monoxide can unknowingly be present one of the simplest ways to detect it’s presence is by using a carbon monoxide monitor.



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