Air Handling Unit (AHU) Cleaning

Clean Air 24 Seven have multiple teams and operatives across the UK, we are here to help with any requirements you may have. 24 Seven certify that the quality of air is always at a safe standard.

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Clean Air Law and Legislation Compliance

We will make sure your system is managed to exceed the legislation set by regulating bodies.

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Squat Clearance

We Work With Groups & Independent Businesses

Clean Air 24 Seven help you manage your air ventilation systems, whether you’re a group or an independent business! We are also equipped to deal with various types of buildings.

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Hoarding Clean Up

Impacts Cleaning Can Have On Your Indoor Air Quality

We use state-of-the-art techniques to clean your AHU’s, an in-depth report is compiled to show the cleanliness of your AHU and how it complies with legislation. Upon completion of the test we provide a specialist report and certificate to show.

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    Clean Air 24 Seven Air Ventilation System Cleaning

    Air ventilation systems require cleaning to make your systems remain compliant with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. This ensures that your AHU does not affect the health of staff in the workplace or using more energy than it should. Cleaning your systems are the best way to remove bacteria and lint deposits. An effective cleaning schedule will keep your AHU operating using as little energy as possible whilst maintaining an optimum level of performance. Which saves you money by reducing insurance costs and energy costs.

    Clean Air 24 Seven use state of the art cleaning techniques. Using a variety of specialist tools and chemicals to clean your AHU’s crucial components and their housing. The cleaning can include the replacement of filters. On completion of our clean, an in-depth report of your AHU is compiled.

    We Can Make You Compliant With Clean Air Laws And Legislations

    The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires that workplaces must have appropriate air ventilation. This requires that air ventilation systems must be cleaned and maintained to a high standard. On top of this legislation, insurance companies require these systems are complaint with the following regulations: BESA TR19, BS EN 15780, CIBSE TM26, CIBSE Guide B2.

    Clean Air 24 Seven will make your system compliant with these regulations to ensure the cleanliness and hygienic maintenance of your ventilation and ductwork systems.

    We Work With Groups And Independent Businesses

    Clean Air 24 Seven can help you whether your business has one or more buildings. We have multiple teams across the UK meaning we can help you keep on top of your air ventilation systems cleanliness. We carry out work for a wide range of customers including:

    • Laboratories, Hospitals
    • Schools, Colleges, Universities
    • Office Buildings, Warehouses, Factories
    • Facilities Management Companies
    • M&E Companies
    • And many more!

    Each customer is allocated their own dedicated account handler, we believe one point of contact for all locations makes it easier for our customers and saves them time.

    Impacts Cleaning Can Have On Your Indoor Air Quality

    Poorly maintained AHU’s can spread air contaminated with bacteria and pollutants into a building. This not only affects the health of the people within these spaces but has also been proven to impact their productivity. Well maintained AHU’s are crucial for businesses that operate in demanding environments, as absences can also decrease. We can deliver an effective cleaning schedule which will help you reap the rewards of clean air within your indoor environment.

    A regular cleaning schedule is most effective alongside our auditing services. This means you pay less to keep your system compliant. Our auditing services determine whether your system needs a clean or not. Whilst maintaining optimum performance levels for your system.

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