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Clean Air 24Seven’s experts use specialist filters that eliminate dust and debris from entering your clean air systems. Filters can be provided in any size that your system may require.

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Costs of consumables will be available upon request. Consumables are available in many sizes and can be produced to the size your system requires.

Carbon Filters

Carbon panel filters reduce airborne odours and contaminants. Filters are commonly used for control extract emissions in kitchens, factories and chemical processes. Carbon Impregnated Filters are used to improve indoor air quality in buildings such as: offices, public buildings, airports and industrial premises.

  • Carbon Impregnated Filters
  • Carbon Panel Filters
  • Disposable Filters (ACD)

Medium Efficiency Filters

Medium Efficiency Filters include cleanable fan coil filters and disposable filter units, these are fitted to protect the fan coil filters and controls from lint, fluff, dust particles and large visible matter. Glass fibre disposable panel filters, synthetic panel filters and rigid bag filters are used for general ventilation requirements.

  • Bag Filters (M5/M6, General and Rigid RB6)
  • Fan Coil Filter Units (Cleanable and Disposable)
  • Glass Fibre Disposable Panel Filters
  • Pad and Frame Filters
  • Rigid Pleated Panel Filters (ARP 6)

High Efficiency Filters

High Efficiency Filters include bag filters, all of which are fire retardant to Class 1. Rigid bag filters have approximately 5 times the surface area compared to that of a standard bag filter of the size. Rigid pleated panel filters are designed for those applications where high efficiency filtration is required, but space is limited to the use of a bag filter.

  • Bag Filters (F7/F8 and Rigid RB7-9)
  • Rigid Pleated Panel Filters (ARP 7-9)


Deep pleat HEPA filter and mini pleat HEPA filters are designed for the air intake and extract systems of critical applications where high efficiency filtration is necessary. HEPA filters will give protection to sub-micron level. Multi wedge HEPA filters are required where strict quality control is enforced throughout manufacture. When each filter is constructed each HEPA Filter is tested and certified.

  • Deep Pleat HEPA Filters
  • Mini Pleat HEPA Filters
  • Multi Wedge HEPA Filters

Duct Access Doors

Circular duct access doors are manufactured from galvanised pressed steel. The fire tested duct access doors are for duct work installations where the restriction of fire spread is essential. Insulated duct access doors are designed for use on rectangular ductwork with a fish tab style.

  • Circular Access Doors/Spiral Duct
  • Fire Tested Duct Access Doors
  • Insulated Duct Access Doors

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