It is possible for indoor working areas including offices to be affected by air pollution. Depending on the job some work environments may expose you to higher levels of pollution than others, certainly more than you would experience at home.


In a workplace environment you may be exposed to harmful substances that over time can make your airways more sensitive leading to illnesses such as asthma. Examples of these chemicals are spray paints, dust from baking with flour or cutting wood and of course cleaning chemicals, however it may come as a surprise that air pollution is also found in offices. Office pollution can be caused by perfumes, air fresheners and other aerosol sprays. Air inside offices can be cleaned via a ventilation system, this removes all of the polluted air by ventilating the buildings with clean fresh air. However unless the ventilation systems are cleaned and maintained regularly these will become inefficient.


The filters in the ventilation system will help to filter out airborne allergens and filters. If your office has an air conditioning system, it’s important that your employers have this serviced at least once a year.  Air ventilation systems require annual auditing to ensure systems remain compliant with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Managing air ventilation systems will improve the health of staff in the workplace and prevent the system wasting valuable energy. Auditing is a cost-effective way of monitoring your air ventilation systems cleanliness and performance. Regular auditing schedules can identify the sections that may require cleaning as opposed to the whole system.


To remain compliant with the health and safety at work act 1974 air ventilations must be cleaned frequently. Cleaning your systems are the best way to remove bacteria and lint deposits. An effective cleaning schedule will keep your systems operating and performing efficiently.


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