Clean air 24 Seven’s main aim is to provide knowledge to customers about the air they are breathing.

Clean Air 24 SevenStatistics show that many office workers within cities are breathing in contaminated and polluted air, causing serious harm to their health. Those affected by asthma or who suffer with breathing difficulties are most at risk of experiencing further complications if they continue to breath impure air.

Ventilation systems not only control airflow and temperature but also remove contaminants from the air before it is drawn into the building. The process is simple, the air is pushed through filters which are placed throughout the system. After time the filters inevitably become clogged with all the impurities it was designed to catch. Air will still find its way through the filters, but the flow will be disrupted. This eventually leads to poor air quality and an overworked ventilation system, not very cost effective nor healthy for the building users…and that is where Clean Air 24Seven comes in.

Our audit and reporting process is a way of providing you with all the facts and information you need to know. We help you to become acquainted with your system, so you know that the air quality is fresh and clean. We can advise how often your system should be cleaned and the areas that require urgent attention.