Air Ventilation System Cleaning is not only required by the health and safety at work act 1974, but air ventilation systems can also often build up with deposits of lint and dirt, even if your AHU’s have filters! When particulate and lint build up in a system this not only creates a possibility for the particulate and lint to be pushed out of the system. However it also important to remember that it creates a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

Benefits to air ventilation system cleaning?

Not only does cleaning your air ventilation system keep you compliant with laws and legislations. But it can also prevent any illnesses spreading throughout the building and causing sick building syndrome. A well maintained ventilation system means your building is being constantly supplied with clean air, potentially making your workplace not only a more pleasant and productive place to be but it can also be more cost effective for a business, preventing sick days.

So how do we clean your system?

We clean out any particulate and lint using a mechanical brush system, paired with a negative air vacuum. This means all debris is pushed out of the system, into our HEPA filtered vacuum, meaning all particulate and lint is removed from the system. Once a system has been cleaned out, it is then fogged with a special biological agent, which removes all bacteria and viruses from the system. Providing your building with clean and pathogen free air.


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