Air Ventilation Cleaning has positive impact on our health

24 Seven’s air ventilation cleaning services has an aim – to improve the health of people working within cities. When ventilation systems are left without proper maintenance or regular cleaning a build up of dust and bacteria can be found in areas of the system. The dust¬†and bacteria contaminate the air being blown into the building, filling our lungs with polluted air.


What are the risks of poor air quality?

Air pollution has a massive impact on our health. The more exposure we have to pollution the worse our health becomes and the more susceptible we are to long term and life threatening issues.

The UK air website states that pollutants such as carbon monoxide prevents uptake of oxygen in the blood, this can then lead to a significant reduction in oxygen supply to the heart. For those who suffer with heart disease this can be particularly harmful and often deadly.

Asthma suffers are also more likely to experience severe attacks after exposure to pollutants.



What can be done?

If pollution is a major environmental health risk then more needs to be done to prevent and protect ourselves. 24 Seven Clean air sadly can’t solve pollution, but we can help tackle the air in buildings situated in highly polluted areas. Contact us to arrange an audit or clean of your ventilation system. We offer a full supportive service including a comprehensive report specific to your own system.


If you work in an urban area and suspect the air quality in your building is poor quality, please contact Clean Air 24 Seven on 0203 6408 247



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