It is important to regularly test and maintain your fire dampers so they operate correctly in the event of a fire.

What are the appropriate testing procedures?

The BS 9999 was updated in January 2017 to state that fire dampers must be tested immediately after installation, and at least once every year. However our findings are that the tests are still not being done frequently enough putting the safety of the occupants at risk. If compliance isn’t being met this could result in a serious fine or prosecution for negligence.

Clean Air 24 Seven fire damper testing service

An alarming amount of facilities managers and building owners do not know how many fire dampers are in their system or where they are located. Clean Air 24 Seven will provide inspection reports with the number of passes and failures which also include recommendations and solutions. Commonly we find fire dampers that have been installed incorrectly and even some that have been propped open.


Certification of compliance

Our reports and certification, including photographs provide customers with the evidence required to prove testing has been carried out to BS 9999. In the event of a fire, insurance companies often request to see proof of testing before paying out to the policy holder.


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