Air ventilation systems require annual auditing to ensure systems remain compliant with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Managing air ventilation systems will improve the health of staff in the workplace and prevent the system wasting valuable energy. Auditing is a cost-effective way of monitoring your air ventilation systems cleanliness and performance. Regular auditing schedules can identify the sections that may require cleaning as opposed to the whole system.

Poorly maintained air ventilation systems spread contaminated air with bacteria and pollutants into a building. The contaminated air can have a seriously adverse effect on staff’s health. Well maintained air ventilation systems reduce staff absences which benefits businesses that operate in demanding environments. We deliver an effective auditing schedule which will help you reap the rewards of clean air within your indoor environment.

Clean Air 24 Seven have teams across the UK; we are here to help with you with any clean air requirements. 24 Seven will certify that the quality of your air supply is always at a safe standard.

For further information on our clean air auditing service please contact us on 02036408247